Aircon evaporator coil Maintenance

When late spring turns into summer, homeowners begin to think about turning on their aircon evaporator coil system. Yet if their air conditioner has not been maintained all year long, it may break down just when they need it the most.

An improperly maintained aircon evaporator coil system can also cost more money to run, even if it doesn’t break down. When electric bills rise with the thermometer, it’s time to take a hard look at the air conditioner to see if it may be time for a maintenance checkup.

If you have been running your air conditioner and your bills are higher than they were at the same time last year, you should probably call a professional for a checkup. Air conditioner maintenance is not a job that should be handed over to your everyday handyman service. It takes a good amount of knowledge about the complicated world of HVAC systems to figure out what parts need repaired or replaced. Furthermore, an uninformed, but well-meaning repair person could damage some of the system’s delicate components, which will cost even more money than it would have to call an expert in the first place.

Do yourself and your aircon evaporator coil equipment a favor. Make regular appointments for maintenance checkups with highly-qualified HVAC professionals.