AirCon Home Maintenance

There are many things the average homeowner should know about his air conditioning system. Of course, it is important to understand how to properly operate the system in order to increase its efficiency and the comfort of your home. However, most homeowners fail to recognize that maintaining their air con unit can be accomplished to an extent without calling a service technician. Knowing what to do when maintaining your home air conditioning unit will help save you money now with increased efficiency of the system as well as in the future as your efforts pay off with fewer calls for aircon repair services.

Performing your own maintenance on a home air conditioning system can be quite simple in many respects, but must be done with an understanding of your limitations. As a homeowner, you are not licensed to perform work on anyone else’s air conditioning system. You may only work on your own, and you must be willing to perform only those tasks such a layperson may do without causing harm to your system. Any aircon servicing that requires qualified, licensed technicians from your local Singapore air conditioning company should only handle repair or replacement of parts.

The simplest of maintenance tasks involves cleaning dirt and debris from the outside portion of your air conditioning system. The tightly-layered fins surrounding the compressor and condenser units of your system provide additional surface area for cooling the refrigerant that is being cycled through the system. Over time, dust settles in between the fins as well as grass clippings and even small insects. Cleaning between the fins with a soft toothbrush will help dislodge any stray material that may be chipping away at your system’s efficiency. Never use a garden hose as this may turn the dirt into mud, causing it to become hardened and more difficult to remove.