What Will A Maintenance Checkup Cover?

A heating and cooling specialist will inspect your aircon evaporator coil system from top to bottom to make sure it is functioning at full efficiency.

The technician will make a point to check the AC filter, because that is one of the key components of the entire system. If the system has a reusable filter, she or he will remove it, clean it, dry it off, and then replace it. Filters that are clogged or dirty restrict the airflow, leading to strain on the system as it struggles to take in the air to filter and cool it. Eventually, if the filter is not removed, cleaned, and replaced, the system will break down with the increased wear on its components.

Another key point that the specialist will cover in your system’s checkup is the condensing unit, located outdoors. It is important to keep the unit free of dirt, vines, leaves, and twigs that may have gotten into the unit over time. After removing the dirt, she or he will hose it off with water to make sure that it is clean.

Next, the technician will check the condensate drain, which removes excess liquid from the system, to make sure that it is functioning properly. Over time, the evaporator coil will collect dirt and debris. The technician will, of course, clean and inspect that component as well.

The system’s electrical components also need to be included in the maintenance checkup. The motor should also be checked for proper lubrication so its parts work smoothly during peak times. Finally, the refrigerant level needs to be checked to make sure that there are no leaks and that the system has enough refrigerant to work efficiently. If the levels need to be topped off, the technician will make sure that your system has the optimum amount of the coolant.